About Devon Cornwall

General Contractor & Handyman in Windsor, ON

Cornwall General Contracting

My name is Devon Cornwall, and I was born and raised in Windsor, Ontario. Growing up in my family was a lot of fun, I have uncles that do everything, one is a master electrician, another owns Renewal Construction (retired), and a third owns a landscaping business.

I have spent much of my life following in their footsteps, starting out my carpentry career as a hand on a concrete crew at 18, I went on to school in London at North American Trade Schools and completed my Advanced Diploma in Home Renovation Technology. After graduating from NATS, I became a house framer and successfully saw many multi-family and row homes built to code. During this period, I was serving as a member of the Canadian Forces. After retiring from the Canadian Forces, I attended St. Clair College’s apprenticeship and have become a holder of an Interprovincial Red Seal Journeyman Electrician License and have subsequently gone on to complete my Fire Alarm Certification Program (FACP) for my Fire Alarm Electrician License.

I decided to open Cornwall General Contracting because I got tired of hearing stories about how a contractor came in, accepted a deposit, did half of the job, and was never heard from again. I like being your handyman and my motivation is helping you accomplish tasks that are either out of your skillset or are simply too much for you to comfortably undertake yourself.